desperately need help. python script problem.

Been using blender for a while and alot of my projects had to be canceled becasue whenever I’m using a python file, the python error occurs saying “check console.”
also If I try tto save a uv image it also gives me an error message saying “error occured check console.”
I desperately need help.

The Console is the black, DOS window behind Blender. If you’re not on windoze then you need to run a console from somewhere in Applications. You need to let us see the error message printed there, your version number of the Python app you installed and the script that the message applies to.


I got the script working, but there is 2 problem.

  1. How do I make a picture of the error message or console to post on the site
    also I’m trying to do this tutorial
    and I’m trying to save the UV face layout. But the same console error message is poping up.
    also I’ running on xp home
    ati 800x
    1gb ram

You can make a screen shot with the ‘Print Screen’ Button on your keyboard. Paste it into photoshop, gimp, or even paint, save as a .jpg and upload to some site that allows you to show images here (like photobucket or imageshack).

As for the python problem, you may need to install a full version of python from to get it working correctly.

(Instead of taking a screenshot of the console window, you can always just type what it says instead)

Rightclick on the top, blue bar, Edit, Select All, Edit, Copy. Paste into your post.

here are the images.

Pics are way too small any way the console says.

“traceback<most recent call last>:
file “string>”, lines 136, in bevent
Indexerror: list index out of range”

Can’t see anything at all. In Photobucket choose the bottom of the 3 links as your link to post.