Desperately need help with texturing

Im making a game for a project in school and it’s really good so far. My main problem is that it looks really bad. I have a cube that I applied an image texture to, but when i press p in texture mode, only the top of the cube is textured and the other sides look all smeared. How can I give the whole cube the texture?

go into edit mode and press u, choose the one that just says unwrap, if you already did, try the one that says reset.
you can look at how it’s wrapped in the UV window.
uh, maybe i’m completely wrong…

Nah nothin…

Use the Cube Map option (in the Unwrap menu, U-key in editmode) to map the image to all sides of the cube. Alternatively, you could mark certain edge seams, and then when you unwrap the image to the UV-image editor, the seams will connect the edges, and so all the faces would be connected if you mark the seams correctly.

EDIT: The Reset option should work; perhaps you should post a screenshot?

I got it, i just put some planes around the cubes. Kind of a noob way out but it still looks good. Thanks though.

really should uv map it. it’s simple, and its quicker.