I’m currently working on a project which I need for an application for a university place. So, this is how far I get and I need your suggestions now.

Turntable: Youtube

Otherwise I would start with sculpting. :slight_smile:

Wow! :eek:

What an original notion!

Your request is quiet vague and hard to understand, could you give more detail?

looks good to me. Only suggestion is to maybe add some more fine details in sculpting. Some things feel like they are missing, like finer creases/lines in the faces, and indications of stretching where the various bodies are joined.

Are you planning on adding materials?

Thanks for the comments ;).

Your request is quiet vague and hard to understand

I’m sorry I should have expressed myself better :slight_smile: . I want to know if the anatomy is correct (or rather authentic) and the rigging of the whole sculpture makes sense and gives the impression that the outer bodies flows from the main body.

Details like finer creases/lines in the faces I will add in sculpting.

Are you planning on adding materials

Yes, I want to make the main body look as realistic as I can realise and the outer bodies will be add a semi-transparent, ghostly material.

I believe that it is becoming really nice one. It reminds so clearly to my mind this reel:

Thank you very much ArMan. I saw this reel two or three years ago and was fascinated by this composition, but I could not remember whose work it was.

My project is definitely affected by this work, but my topic is not suicide. I wanna show the inner diremption when you have to decide between two decisions but none seems to be the right one.

So thanks for sharing the link and your comment ;). Hope I can come up to this work :D.

Based on your sculpting skills it might be a good idea to add some more details first. Sculpting however is a much more inspirational and artistic process to achieve your goals.

Hey there,

I finished the sculpting and texturing. I used this two tutorials to make the SSS shader:

I am going to built a scene, light it and edit the final render with composite nodes now.

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:


I would ask you to reconsider whether you should make the extra bodies ghostly, to my eye, this is already effective at conveying your idea, I wonder whether the ‘ghostly’ materials would simply be a distraction?

Hi kemmler,

I already tried to add a ghost material to the extra bodies and you are right. It didn’t look like I expected and I discarded the idea.

Cool. I just noticed an issue with how one of the arms is bent, the inside of the elbow joint has an unnatural crease, I mean the arm 2nd from right.