(Damien) #1

I call this one DeSSSert (heavy subsurface scattering)

Once again I found an amazing scene created in Cinema 4D, that I had to try and recreate 100% in Blender. I watched this video on the new ProRender in C4D… and had to give it a shot.

I created everything in Blender and used the principled shader. This scene was very SSS intensive.
I made 2 scenes, one clean, and the other with smudges. Honestly, the hardest part was modeling a stupid spoon…

I did try the lighting techniques used in the video, and they actually worked pretty well. In the end I only used the emission discs above the Jello and glass, and an HDRI.

(Member) #2

I Really like the design keep it up. Good job…

(Damien) #3

Thank you, this was a fun challenge.

(Member) #4

I Like it… :smiley:

(MadeWithFeet) #5

Really good image! And yeah, spoons are hard …


I’m hungry now :wink:

(particl3s) #7

A feast for the eyes.

(Damien) #8

Haha, I’ve never made one before and took me longer than it should have I feel.

(Damien) #9

Thank you!

(Ace Dragon) #10

You are definitely one of the first I’ve seen on this board that did an entire Cycles project in 2.8 (even though it is still alpha).

Nice work, and nice to see 2.8 is already getting usable for various cases.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #11

You’re #featured! :+1:


I would not say no :ok_hand: :yum:

(Alejandro Cambra) #13

WOW!! Really impressive!! I’d like to own your maSSStery, ha, ha, ha :wink: .

(Damien) #14

Wow! Thank you!

(alf0) #15

nice work !!!

(Thesonofhendrix) #16

Yummy! I like the faint smudges on the inside of the trifle glass. The raspberries are perfect, is that a hair particle system on them? And the SSS looks great, is it the Random walk style SSS or the other faster approximation method? The cherries are maybe too shiny for realism.

(Kyle L Paxton) #17

The trick is… to understand… there IS no spoon…
-via The Matrix.

(Damien) #18

This was just the default Principled shader SSS in 2.79b. All I did was adjust the radius and increase the transmission in the light paths settings.

(Damien) #19

I just used 2.8 for the quick wire frame view. Ill throw it in 2.8 cycles this week and see if there is any difference in the render.

(Jérémiah Ravry) #20

How did you create the glass material ? I’m trying to have a good reflective glass on a current project, but it’s not as good as yours :confused: