Destination: Char (Starcraft)

Pretty much lost all will to work on this project due to some crashes when messing with the nodework so I’ll call it finished… somewhat. I might make an update in the future but it’s not going to be released here probably… after all I’m opening a finished thread :slight_smile:
Anyways here are the screens:
I’ll add more resolutions tomorrow as it’s quite late already :slight_smile:

Things that aren’t mine - the background (NASA picture, modified to greyscale) and the alpha map for the clouds(NASA again).

C&C appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT (added sunflare, nothing big)


wow! really nice! i like the lighting, space scenes are always tough for me. that battlecruiser looks great! :wink: (remember me?)

Nice. Since it’s got ‘sunflare’ in the name: It could do with a lensflare. The sun is shining straight into camera after all. :slight_smile:

I do, I do :slight_smile:
Don’t tell me you gave up on those models :frowning:
As for the lighting - nothing spectacular… ~4 spotlights for the planet, 1 sunlight and 1 area light for planet reflected light (not entirely reallistic and accurate but did it for me) :slight_smile:

Nice. Since it’s got ‘sunflare’ in the name: It could do with a lensflare. The sun is shining straight into camera after all. :slight_smile:
I’ve uploaded a version with the lensflare now (and slightly changed supernova but nothing serious), check the 1st post :slight_smile:

yeah i used the model for some compositing tests, it worked great. what did you use for the engine exhaust? it looks a little fuller than the one i have, (it has a lamp in each engine) did u use particles here?

Yup, those are particles, but I guess I overused them there… Guess next time I’ll switch back to the soft aqua glow again :slight_smile:

Also changed the materials (reflectivity mostly, now it looks way better in ground scenes)…

Very nice.

I prefer the version without lensflare, tough. I don’t mean that lensflare is not a good idea but I think it should be softer then the one you applied. I personally don’t like camera lensflare; though, the effect of the composition would be a lot more interesting if the lensflare would be softer.

Also, the planet part, that is not illuminated by the star, should be darker.

Furthermore, a planet with such geological activity should have an athmosphere loaded of gas emissions and clouds. In a way similar to Venus.
I know that yours is a fantasy planet, though, I think it could be more interesting if it had a perceptible athmosphere, represented, for example, with a haze effect, similar to the one you would do to simulate Earth athmosphere or Mars.

Finally, it would be nice to add finer grained craters and fractures shaped like those seen on Venus (coronae, arachnoids and novae).

1st - thanks for the tips :slight_smile:
About the lens flare - that’s GIMP’s default one… Experimented a little bit with some custom ones but in the end settled on this… I know it’s too overused but plain flare doesn’t look good enough for me either :slight_smile:

6/8 peaks star like flares are more natural. The human eye has such kind of lens flare (try to look directly a star in the night sky), when watching directly a light source. Though the effect is very intense near the source, with a halo and medium length peaks, and quickly fades out as the distance from the center increases.