Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Helmet: Nezarec's Sin

I suck at lighting and materials, but I’m proud of the model at least. I think I’ll try to 3d print it in full scale sometime.

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You have every right to be proud of the model. It looks pretty good. As for materials and lighting, blender comes with a vast variety of tools that can increase quality tremendously. For materials, use the principaled shader (if u don’t know how it works, check out andrew price’s tutorial on it). As for Lighting, just try throwing in an HDR if you’re feeling lazy. It would still give you accurate and realistic lighting. Gleb alexandrov is your guy for that stuff. Good job on the model though! Cheers

Thanks! I’ve watched a ton of Andrew Price’s videos to try to learn about lighting and materials, but I have no clue what the principaled shader is. I’ll find out when I get a chance. I’m a bit torn about whether I should use an HDR for a render like this. On one hand, I kind of want the background plain and the lighting simple. On the other hand, it would make the glossy materials look cooler if they had something to reflect.