Destroyed City

The purpose of this project was to play around with the Poly Haven nature assets I downloaded…
…but I ended up using none of them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Regardless, I produced a render that captured the mood I was going for and told the story I wanted (even though said story is rather unoriginal.)

(The actual image file was too big to post here, so I took a screenshot of it with my phone. :sweat_smile:)

Fun fact: The ground plane is/was the very first plane I sculpted with Dyntopo and retopologized using Blender’s tools. I did the sculpting and retopology around 18 months ago, and I got some decent --if bland-- renders while experimenting with free nature assets I found online (mostly the free models from Blender Guru’s Grass Essentials pack.)

These are the renders I made last year:


Nice stuff, although a point or two I noticed which would instantly give it more of that ruined atmosphere (at least in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: )
Adding some fog/volumetric lighting would definitely pump up the post apocalyptic feels, and maybe some stains/dirt on the buildings would add to the effect too! (They are super clean for an abandoned city xD)
Cool image though, has a nice little story to it!

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I did try to create some atmospheric effect/s by blurring a Mist pass in the compositor, but after reading your comments, I’m forced to admit that wasn’t enough. :sweat_smile: As for the buildings…yeah, definitely should’ve spent some time making them look dirty. I was going for a sort of “sun-bleached concrete” look, like they’d been out there and abandoned for a good long while, but I probably should’ve used brick textures or something for better realism…

Anyway, definitely gonna keep your comments and suggestions in mind for future projects. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wooooohooo thanks, Bart! Happy weekend!

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