Destroyer rebuild

Hi guys,
After getting some good advice down in the advice boards I’ve started rebuilding my destroyer class vessel as I’d lost the original files.
The first model was in a bit of a state anyway and built from about six or seven cubes. The rebuild is all from a single object and I’m diving in at the deep end learning as I go. Anyways, any and all advice much appreciated, bearing in mind that I’m as new to modelling as you can possibly get.
The second image is the original ship.


Well the panels look like an improvement, unless that’s the original. If it is a destroyer, why doesn’t it have any guns? Also, it would be kind of pointless to put the guns on the top, since there is no gravity and therefore it would make more sense to have armor above the guns too.

The panels look better on the original but I’m intending to replicate them on the rebuild. She doesn’t have any guns yet simply because I haven’t made them. I’m working on the main hull first then I’ve got to work on weaponry. I was wondering whether to make each type of turret as seperate projects then import them. I’m still practically a newborn babe when it comes to this, but I’ve enjoyed watching it take shape.
Anyways, thanks for the reply. I’m off to check out the giant ship thread.

I like how the top and bottom of the stern are flared forward in the original.

What’s the project for? Movie, game, or just fun?