Destroying an Object

hello everyone,
So today i just made a table and would like to create a smashed/broken version of it. Does anyone know how i would go about doing this? I separated each piece of the table (top part, legs, and support beam) but i dont really know how to make it look realistically broken. It needs to look believeable because it will be used in a game. Thanks too anyone who can help :slight_smile:

Take a look at Google / Image, “broken table.” There are lots of broken table images there. Pick one.

No, he means real time destruction, like this (from my game Ayleth, in the works):


Yes, I can help with that. Give me a few and I’ll make a little demo file, and write instructions.

Edit: I see fpsgod17 (First Person Shooter god? Really?) that you have broken your table into pieces. Do you need to know how to actually make it break in game? I thought that was your question, and I was going to smash your table for you, but you seem to have done that. Do you know how to use properties to have it break on contact with a sword, for example? Is that your question?

A side note: A big table like that would take many, many hours of beating before it actually broke (I’m a furniture maker, trust me). I know it’s popular these days to break barrels and pretty much anything in game, but a big oak table like that with a 2" thick top? No, imagine hitting it with a sword. It would chop a chip out, that’s it. For my game, I’m making different levels of destruction. For example, in the video above, I’m shooting stuff with arrows. Arrows stick to the barrels, break pottery and glass, and stick to wood parts, like the door. The arrows will eventually stick to the pumpkins, but you’ll be able to smash the pumpkins with hammers, and slice them cleanly with a sword (they break with arrows now, which is unrealistic).

Just think about how a real table would break. Swinging a real; sword at a 10’ dining table won’t do much damage.

^^^There could be damage to your hands though!

Thanks 3d medieval,
My intention on starting this thread was not to figure out how to make my table break in the game engine (real-time) but just create a table that look broken in the game-engine. I made one version of it and posted it on the main Survival-Horror Game thread (if u havent already seen it…) However, my next idea was to figure out how to make it breakable in game, so your tutorial is very helpful, even though it wasn’t what i was originally asking for. Thanks for the help, ill be sure to try out your tutorial on more break-friendly objects.