Destroying mesh with external particles - Video Tutorial


One more particle system tutorial added to Vimeo. This one explains how it is possible to destroy a mesh with an external particle system using the reactor particles and the explode modifier.

Any comments are welcome, especially if there are some factual errors.

ps. HD is available.

pps. I submitted this thread in here again, since the tutorials section still wouldn’t let me submit a new thread.

Thanks for the tutorial. That’s a great effect. I’ll have to try it out.

nice1, simple yet informative… 2 thumbs up.

Excellent tutorial.
Easy to follow steps including all the little things that might otherwise give you a headache (why doesn’t suzanne show up in my render? just to name one). Also good to see that I’m not the only one who is regalurly fighting with the cache.

Very good tutorial!

I just spent an hour or 2 messing around with the technique after watching the video.
Fun stuff. :rolleyes:

My only suggestion is that you make more tutorials like that, im looking at more of your tutorials now, but theres a lot of new things with the particle system which hasnt been done in tutorials yet.

Awesome work though! Really appreciate it.

Thank you for all the kind comments. The HD version has finally been encoded and it is now available in Vimeo. I think I still do some of these if I get some nice idea in my head and have the time to do it. Thanks again for the feedback!

Hi, I’ve just watched your tutorial. Great job ! very useful. Thank you!

Excellent tutorial. It shows how powerful and complex particles are nowadays in Blender. Thank you very much.

Great man ! this is what makes a community grow , we should all make interesting tutorials in the area we better know , give something back to the community.

Thanx and keep on making great tutorial this really helps us ! ;D

Great, thanks
Blender power!

Master hhoffren! : that can happen also in the Game Engine?

Great tutorial. Now I know how to use the reactor property. Thanks.

Excellent tutorial. Thanks !

Nice tutorial, but the mesh break are to slim.

I really haven’t touched the game engine a lot, but my guess is that no, it is not possible… at least without some extra coding. There is some info about destroying objects in game engine in this thread:

Yes, to get this one working in more realistic shots, there needs to be tweaking. When I used 3dsmax there was a “shell” modifier that gave the possibility to extrude the debris. I’m not sure if there is such possibility in Blender yet.

Once again, thanks for all the comments!

In Blender you can use the Solidify Selection Script.

Bat in another 3d application, are the render engine that do a little thickness (for example the cloth).