Destructable car.

hello guysss ive been working on this for the past week thought i’d show my progress since its taking so long.
I’ve been building this piece by piece in hopes for being able to duplicate and modify parts to create swap meshes(for damage). you can see what i mean in third picture. currently about 6000 faces trying to conserve for ge use.

finishing up interior and some luggage

texture experimenting

A lovely bouncy look. You’ve managed to give the car great character already imo. Well done!

Looks pretty good, I like the style.

thank you! im currently still working on textures. the low poly of the model makes the shadows of the doors look weird still dont know how to fix this. heres what i have so far. mostly have been practicing texture painting directly onto the model.

I agree, very good work, blenderbug! I like the style of the car, and the idea of creating a destructable vehicle in the game engine is very interesting. I’ve personally never seen it done before, so I’m sure finding information on how to do it could have been difficult. I’m not well versed at all in the game engine, so I would have become lost immediately.

Your texture painting also looks good. Has it been difficult to create the results you want?

Thank you! im sure you’ve seen it somewhere(GTA!)

Here is my current progress ill be uploading a video soon