Destructable Model

What is the best way to approach a model that will later be animated for destruction. That is to say, the current mesh will be broken into several pieces with their own bounds.

To use Suzanne as an example; the animation will have the lower jaw separating, the eyes roll out, and the ears fall off.

There will be effects involved so some coverage for mesh swapping is available. I’ve considered multiple meshes that get shown/hidden during the animation or having the breakable parts loosely connected to form an artificial whole but I’m concerned how that will hold up under close examination.

Thanks in advance.


Well, in an animation, one frame can have the complete model, the next can have the model with pieces loosly connected and just beginning to fall off. It should look the way you want it to. You can use different layers, and switch between them, especially if everything falls apart at once.

Hmmm, I would think you could use a combination. I tried something similar using IPO curves and used all separate objects for the animation.

That way everything can roll, bounce whatever, where ever. It was kind of funny to watch.

It may depend on where you are using it? For rendering or for the GE, and how if you need the pieces to be available, for other things, like, shooting them, or kicking them into something.

If you follow me. I dont mean this to sound so gory, because in my instance I just used a bunch of balls that looked like eyes. Just for fun.

And I put them in the GE and watched them all fly into space.