destructable objects???

Does anyone know how to make objects in blender that are made to be destroyed? My plan is to make them in blender, then export it to .Obj, then import it into XSI to simulate a spaceship exploding. But for it to explode, is there any certain way it has to be modeled?

I was thinking that I could make the ship in all seperate parts that arent linked to eachother by vertices. Just seperate objects that go right through each other and touch each other. I mean it will still be one whole object right? Even though they’re not connected by verts?

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

It’s not exportable, because the destruction of the object will be handled with code work. In order to model destructable things, basically make several degenerated versions of it, and each will get replaced with the worse one ass it recieves damage.

But now that Tokamak is Open-Source, couldn’t we snatch the breakage code and implement it to BGE?

How about one complete object, when hit by rocket (or whatever) gets removed and replaced with parts?

A friend showed me a demo for a plug-in for some other 3d software package (I don’t recall which one.) That had the item to be exploded/crashed/destroyed built with pieces that broke up in certain ways. There were beams, which broke along their short dimensions, planes which broke into random shards, and I think panels, which deformed but did not break. Then you’d model the thing out of these parts, give them weights, and the plug in would generate a very realistic crash and burn.

So your thoughts about modeling the thing of separate pieces would probably work, but would be a real bear to implement. You can parent the pieces to empties to get them to stay together until the explosion. Don’t know how the export thing would work.