Destructible materials?

Does the game engine or the standard animation physics engine have built-in destructible materials?

For example, could I create a plane with the properties of wood, then create a sphere with the properties of iron or lead and drop or launch the the “cannonball” through the “wood” plane resulting in a unique penetration and splintering pattern every time?

Or would I need to model a hole in the plane, then fill in the gap with pre-cut pieces for the cannonball to break through?

Or maybe I could model a hole in the plane, then fill it with a single piece that fragments with a particle explosion effect?

I’m just starting out with the game engine and trying a few tutorials, and I thought this would be fun to try if there is built-in function for this kind of thing.

Thanks for your advice.

That would be incredible, but unfortunately, this is not Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
You’d have to go with:

“Or would I need to model a hole in the plane, then fill in the gap with pre-cut pieces for the cannonball to break through?”

Okay, thanks. I’ll stick with the old-fashioned way. I wasn’t sure though. Blender is pretty amazing and has lots of surprises, so I never know what might be possible.

haha yea the force unleashed came into my mind too :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I wasn’t really thinking about that at all. I don’t even have a console. I was thinking about breaking wood walls or wood crates. I’ve been playing with simple tutorials to knock things over, like a wall of bricks, but I was wondering if someone had come up with a physics script for shattering or piercing objects.

And I also saw this thread:

Kai Kostack’s Blender Demolition Script & Tests

You never know what someone might have come up with.

Something I do:

Make a box wall and seperate it into peices (p in edit mode i think). Now in another layer, make objects that look like chunks of concrete and give them dynamics. Now make a projectile with a property of “projectile”. Add and empty in front of each wall piece. Now do logic bricks for each of the seperated wall pieces:

Sensor: controller: Acuator:
colission with property “projectile” -----and ----add object chunk 1 and 2
…----and end object wall piece

something like that. so when your projectile hits the wall piece, it will burst into 2 chunks. You could do more chunks though.

But the last time I put up this idea on blenderartists I got flamed cause someone else did it already! :mad: which i thought was pathetic because I was only trying to help.

by the way here is the link to my destruction blend. but you can do it more dynamically. this took me 5 min.

Thanks for the tips and the link to your demo. I hadn’t seen your thread before. I appreciate the help!

Nevertheless what gave you that idea ? Is that something present in another software ?

I don’t know if any other software has that feature.

I saw the Demolition Script & Tests, I’ve seen some other BGE physics demos and just wondered if someone might have come up with an automated solution for unique object breaking effects, as opposed to manually modeled and cut breaking effects that are the same every time.

I can dream, can’t I? A “destructible button” would be nice, wouldn’t it? :wink:


I could whip up a demo of the old way if you’d like. (I like making demos) I can also make cardboard box demo (half life 2 =))

Thanks for the offer, but Zootanore’s blend file covers it well enough for me. I think I have a good grasp of the basic idea, even though I haven’t done it in Blender before.

I was just wondering if Blender might have another hidden surprise. :smiley:

I just kinda thought of a way to make destructible objects!
For this example, create a concrete wall.

  1. Have a concrete wall, made of several bricks; they don’t need to be dynamic.
  2. Create on a hidden layer a brick split into four pieces.
  3. Have it so that when a brick collides with another object, it switches out with the four physics-enabled bricks. This will, if executed well, may work well enough to have a destructible wall.

Thanks, that’s also what Zootanore explains here, including a sample .blend file:

The “Ice Cream” option under the Materials Panel pumps ice cream out of your speakers.

Not to buy a ticket for the tangent-train or anything, but I downloaded the Force Unleashed demo (for PS3, of course) and the glass-breaking effect is amazing. Of course, that game uses three separate (and probably expensive) top-end commercial engines. One thing I noticed though, is that the shattered glass (no wood in the demo) ends after a pretty short period of time. I bet they had to do this for framerate. Realtime particle-physics must slash the speed on even todays powerful consoles. It will be interesting to see if it’s any different in Little Big Planet. Anyway, and so I don’t feel too off-topic, I would end the non-dynamic object, and add dynamic debris objects. That’s what Battlefield: Bad Company does. (Not COD4, but a really fun game all the same.)