Destruction and Simulation: FX Workshop with Wayne Hollingsworth (Houdini and Maya)

This is a free workshop that will be on Gnomon’s Livestream. It’s always helpful to see seasoned and active professionals doing things. There could be some great tips, tricks, and workflows applicable to Blender. It should be interesting!

If you miss the live event, it looks like you can still watch it later since they have other live events posted that have already ended.


7:30 pm – 8:00 pm: Career Path Insights plus Industry Tips and Tricks
8:00 pm – 8:30 pm: Destruction and Simulation Demo with Houdini and Maya
8:30 pm – 9:00 pm: Audience Questions

Join us on Thursday, September 1st, at 7:30 PM (PDT), for an evening with Wayne Hollingsworth, VFX Education Lead at Gnomon. Wayne is constantly researching and integrating cutting-edge software, tools, and techniques into his pipeline, and has worked as an FX TD at a number of the biggest studios on everything from commercials to feature films and video games. To date, he has contributed to effects projects at MPC, Luma Pictures, Psyop, Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Blur Studio, Pixomondo, and Zoic Studios. As well as sharing how he got started on his VFX journey, Wayne will reveal his pro tips, as well as the tried-and-tested solutions, optimizations, requirements and workflows that are needed to be successful in the industry as an FX TD. To conclude his presentation, he will give a 30-minute demonstration of destruction and fluid simulation techniques inside Houdini and Maya.

Whether you’re a student, hobbyist or professional working in films, commercials, games, or visual effects, or just curious about a career in the industry, be sure to RSVP or follow along on Livestream. Wayne will be inviting questions from both the stage audience and Livestream viewers (Tweet questions using #gnomon on Twitter).

Thanks, it’s been added to my events attending.

And after watching you can download the Fracture Modifier special build and apply the techniques. FM is a great destruction tool. After watching the demo reel there is nothing in that reel that the Fracture Modifier can’t do.

Our BA thread has all the info you need to get started and a link to the newly updated wiki docs page. Fracture ON!

FM thread

I agree. This is why I like to look outside of the Blender community so I can see workflows and ideas for using our own toolset.