destruction in blender game engine

So I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if blender could have some cool breakable objects, and break where you hit them? I came up with this idea (probably been done before), but wanted to share it anyway.

Well split your wall into different sections, and seperate them into their own object. Place 3 or more empties infront of each section. In another layer, make debris objects (3 of them and make them dynamic) Now do the following logic brick combo for each section:

(section___) collision with property thing, (section____) and, empty___ create object debris___.

Here’s the blend if you don’t understand:
press p to play. space is shoot, w up, s down, a right, and d left.

Have fun and you can do whatever u want with my .blend. Hope this helps for some destruction in games!

EDIT: By the way, I only made the top and bottom left corner, and top right corner destructable, because I am only demonstrating, but I am working on a level where everything is destructable.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, and not that your idea isn’t cool and all, but you say as if your the first to do it. Have you read past the first page of the forum? Really, i’m not trying to flame you, but it would be nice for this forum not to be clogged with the same ideas from noobs who think they are the first to do it.

Although I agree with shmunkyman33 about you not being the first to do this in blender, I must protest and say that it is a learning experience. Even if it has already been done, it is possible to learn a lot from doing it again, and possibly discover a better way to do it.

okay sorry, no problem, i didn’t think i was the first, though. a mod can delete this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the file

Shmunkyman33 -
He stated very clearly that he didn’t think he was the first to do it. He came up with something interesting and decided to share. I am sure he is dreadfully sorry to have offended you.

Hehe, even though this has been done before, I must say, it is one of the better implementations I’ve seen.

And so what if more than one person posts how to do something? Odds are, they won’t do it the exact same way, and they will probably explain things different. See how different people accomplish the same task helps people in really understanding said tasks.

Thanks for sharing :wink:

Wow, I like this example. Thanks

And c’mon even for me that am not native English speaker is clear that he doesn’t think that is the first one to do that.

Oi! Score mate! The demolishing effect was well done just add some textures and smoke and it’ll be perfect!

Very nice. I’m no good at the GE, so I’ll have to study your .blend to see how you did it. I’d like to have some destruction in my game (I’m just doing the modeling…)

It’s not by any means a deleting offense, or even a locking offense. Locking is used for fights, and deleting for spam or issues of questionable legality. In this case you didn’t even break any rules, so don’t worry about it.