While learning to use the particle system, I came up with this.

I guess maybe I should learn to make planets next. :smiley:

Impressive particle effects, but if it’s supposed to be destructive shouldn’t they spread out a little in the direction they came.

Thats a really good job, it looks like fire and I know, it’s hard to achieve that isn’t it? Try turning on MBLUR, it’ll take longer to render (depending on the OSA level) but it will be worth it. Make sure OSA is on too.

Here’s a zip file of my planet, check it out. It’s not photo realistic but it’s pretty darn close, at least to a level where you could accept looking at it and not going “ha that looks like crap”.

Feel free to use it in your scene.

Thanks for the compliments!!

Kansas_15: I’m not quite sure what you mean, could you elaborate a little more.

mr_rob: Thanks for the planet. I added it to my scene, recalculated the particles, and added the mblur like you suggested. Here how it came out.

This is with the lighting setup I already had. That’s why there is so much yellow on the planet.

A new name may also be better. How about…Creation of a sun.

Wow, that’s a very cool scene! Maybe add a shockwave?

A new name may also be better. How about…Creation of a sun.

Or, “A Star is Born”… ha, ha…

Cool pic, btw!

neat idea, but why don’t you try texturing the particles to make them look more flameish (a carefully colored/scaled clouds procedural works nicely here), and make it look less like they’re going around it. Perhaps forget about the deflection (cool as it is), and use a lattice so it looks more like they’re going into the planet some, and even twist it for some cool effects. And try turning up the HaloSize and the mblur amount so the stream looks a bit more solid but still has the spiky bits at the edge. Overall, great concept, and with some more work it’ll be really cool!

Thanks again for the compliments.

4Daniel: Not a bad idea. I will have to figure that one out, though I probably won’t put it in this one.

mzungu: Thanks for the name Idea. I like it.

Dracarys: Thanks for the input. The particles do have a cloud texture on them. If you look closely, you can see a light hint of blue and a bit of orange. (Shows a little more on the original.) I have not used lattices before. I will find a tut on it, and try it out on another project, but I think I’m done with this one.