Destructive Extrude [BETA]

Yes snapping next task

Fix double vertex in process


Not sure, I don’t think it’s reasonable to support version 2

Thanks for the addon! It wiil be super if You add this extrude to original alt+e menu

Yea I think he will do that eventually, naturally, since it was like that in 2.79

Thanks a lot for the work !!!

i just want to report a bug

somehow destructive extrude dont extrude on the Z axis perfectly ?? i dont understand why there’s such vertex crap there, i understand that i simple remove dubble should work but was this double vertex crétion a thing before the 2.8 version?


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This will be corrected. I had to increase the mesh for extrude since bmesh is just a piece of shit


Remove double unselected broken.
I added this to the script. How to fix it will work immediately and in the script

SiperPuper beta
add snap and select face (15.2 KB)


Hi Darcvizer ,

it doesn’t work for me

I use it with ctrl E.

Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

try to download the latest build, it works for me from January 4

Works with last release :slight_smile:
I should have thought about it.
I test it later in depth.

Thx Again…:+1:

The newest version of D.E. doesn’t work for me either. I’ve been using 0.8.9 for some time.

DE does not work in versions 2.7. where there is no carve method

in 2,8 works perfect. thank you again.

Can we do a basic extrude as before on the 2.79 ?
It was cool not to change tools, your add-on replaces Blender extrude tool for me before in both directions “Intrude and extrude.”

Thx Again…

Unfortunately it is very difficult to do. Again, the problem is in BMESH. As soon as BF makes it quality, I will add this feature.


Can you make a report on with the issue you are facing with Bmesh? This could be helpful - your tool is impressive and useful, and it’s worth it to keep this working well.

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Its really impressive and useful, i think this is one of the tools the Blender Foundation should consider to adopt and implement in the official build when 2.8 is stable in the future.
Blenders modelling tools need some love and this and Benjamin Saunder’s Edge Flow addon are easy targets.


Any idea why I might be getting this error message?

This is running the version of your script I downloaded on Jan 7th and from a build of Blender from that morning. If I try to run the script on a simple box it works fine with no error, but I don’t know what it would be about this basic mesh that it doesn’t like. There are no other modifiers on the mesh.

Please send me a scene, I will check and try to solve the problem.

I sent you a DM with a link to a dropbox file. I did a Destructive Extrude on one section of it just so you could see the “broken” state. Message me if you need any more info. Thanks!