Destructive Extrude [BETA]


With Build from Today (Windows)

Load factory settings and activate only destructive-extrude.
Check your Prefs->Add-ons to see if there are any plugins double in it.
Delete Destructive-Extrude.cpython-37.pyc in your pycache.


still have the problem, dont know if it is just me ?


I think only works when you direct the face down…not up… I mean I press “alt+e” and destructive-extrude (last option of this addon) and works if I moving the face selection down…(merge the geometry , so not duplicated or floating verts)…however If I repeate the action to go up , does not work, the mesh do not paste with the contiguous geometry as before if I moving it down.

great to see this being worked on for B2.8! this can be a fantastic addition to Blender if it will be stable enough. (15.2 KB)
since recent API changes broke this addon, I though I´d try to fix it myself with notes from other addon developers on github - works for me :slight_smile: First time I tried to fix an addon myself, yay me!

(for those who don´t want to wait for official fix)


Thank you!

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What’s happening?

No worries @Darkvizer , nothing to do with you or your addon :slight_smile:

Just created an account to say thanks for this addon, it’s definitely should be in blender starter pack tools.


Folks. FOLKS. The GPL conversation is happening elsewhere on this forum in multiple threads. It’s off-topic here. If you wish to discuss the Destructive Extrude add-on covered in this thread’s original post, you’re welcome to. Anything related to the GPL discussion belongs in one of the many other threads dedicated to that topic.


I also made valid points not related to GPL in my flagged post above, so I’ll restate them here.

One of the reasons I liked Destructive Extrude over the Extrude and Reshape tool of Snap Utilities is that you can extrude several faces at once. Snap Utilities only extrudes one face at a time. Having said that, Snap Utilities is probably the addon I use the most. The 2.80 version has added some great snapping tools which is really lacking from vanilla blender.

I’m not sure why stretch’s comment above was flagged and hidden either, so I’ll quote it. It is completely relevant to the discussion.

I would love for Destructive Extrude to return with full functionality to version 2.80 and beyond.


Which addon should I use in the latest build? The one from gumroad or the one fixed by theApe in thread 276?

for 2.8 Destructive Extrude [BETA]


Hello there. I made a github repo (hxxps://

Added (or I’m on it) some fixes and documentation.
Renamed to ‘ExtrudePull’ to avoid a file name collision.

please fix this. It’s very annoying

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@ capnm9 Yes, I would also be happy if you could fix it

Thank you for this addon. Great stuff!

This addon is awesome! It would be perfect if it could pull outward the face also! thanks a lot:)

hi i did a compolementary little addon quite usefull with it (but there is still some possible errors) and I noticed the destructive extrude would need a remove double at the end with a distance setting above 0.1 I did a little video there []