Destructive Extrude [BETA]

(Binke) #181

Hi… now that Carve is gone in Master this plugin does not work anymore there… Any chance to get it to work with Bmesh?

(Darcvizer) #182

Hi. I pass it under Bmesh when he starts giving a painful score good result.

(realeyez) #183

Does that mean it’s going to be modified to use Bmesh instead? Love the script!

(Darcvizer) #184

Yes, with exit 2.8

(atekdigital) #185

Im having problem with the mesh extruding. I have made triangular and extruded. And array. When i use the addon and extrude why there is gap between 2 mesh.

Gap between

(Darcvizer) #186

It’s all true, because you have modifiers. The mesh does not contain information about modifiers, and since there is no direction of the normals of neighboring elements, it extrudes them along the chosen polygon

(Dito) #187

Hi Darcvizer,

unfortunately the plugin doesn’t work for me anymore.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "D:\Blender\scripts\addons\", line 517, in invoke
    self.m_obj = M_Object(context)
File "D:\Blender\scripts\addons\", line 170, in _
self.index_bool_modifier = self.__Create_Boolean_Modifier(context)  # Index
boolean modifiers
File "D:\Blender\scripts\addons\", line 186, in _
    i.solver = 'CARVE'
AttributeError: 'BooleanModifier' object has no attribute 'solver'

location: <unknown location>:-1

location: <unknown location>:-1

I hope you can help me further, I would not like to have to do without this ingenious plugin.

Blender 2.79 from 28.03.2018
DestructiveExtrude Version 0, 9, 0
Win 7 64Bit

(Darcvizer) #188

HAhahaha :))))))))))

they removed the “CARVE” method and did not fix the BMESH method

Do not use the nightly builds

(obsurveyor) #189

Have you reported the error? If not, do so and mention specifically that this broke because they removed Carve. They better be a lot more amenable to quicker fixes if they’re going to remove working stuff and replace it with things that are currently broken. (Full disclosure: I’ve always thought removing CARVE from master was a bad idea. It should have stayed until 2.8)

(Darcvizer) #190

I see no reason to report before the beta. On Boolean operation there are a lot of adon, I think that they should understand that it’s improvements are necessary

(stephen_leger) #191

On the other hand removing CARVE wich sometines is unstable for 2.8 open the opportunity to get something working far better.
Having 2 libs providing same ability require twice time to maintain and not realy certain worth spend this time on a dead library - near 2 years without any improvement/fix in carve repo.
Take a look at this devtalk tread.

(Dito) #192

Thanks (at least 10 characters)

(brothermechanic) #193

I have a problem with N-gon

(Darcvizer) #194

it’s 0.9 version?

(serviteur) #195

@ Darcviser

Thanks for addon.

(GIPeN) #196

Very useful!
I’m having a problem tho, if I directly enter offset manually it reports error. I can do it if I first give direction moving mouse and then replace value in the SAME direction (positive or negative)

(Darcvizer) #197

I suspended the development until release 2.8. Unfortunately, I could not cope with the failures of the Bulian.


I guess that is Logical

(jendrzych) #199

@Darcvizer - do You plan to refurbish Your georgeous script to make it work in Blender 2.8? I’d love to see it happening and I suppose, I’m not alone…

(brothermechanic) #200

This addon works with Carve boolean library, i create revert patch to get this library back

with my patched blender-master Destructive Extrude works.
But i dont test with blender-2.8, i think it should work.