Destructive Extrude [BETA]

Those Arguments are keyword based.

Ok i fixed it, with a lot of headache it’s not my kind of stuff, thanks to @Darcvizer to point me in good direction and @stephen_leger for the syntax.
I change bad line code with this syntax
bpy.ops.object.modifier_apply(modifier=“DestructiveBoolean”, report=False)

for those who want I attached the file.(work only in 2.9 not in 2.83) (15.2 KB)


it works? You inserted the name of the modifier, it’s literally the same as in my screenshot.

yes it’s work I put the name of modifier between the “” …once again I don’t know much about this stuff. do this every lines with apply_as=‘DATA’

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It’s funny ). I congratulate you! I hope this will help you in your work

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