Destructive Extrude [BETA]

(jandress) #61

0.5 version work very well thank you.

(stanley82) #62

Hi, addon is great. I have bought it for 0 is it possible to send you money other way?

(Darcvizer) #63

Thank you. Not yet. Wait for me to do the final version. There I will fix the geometry removal, I’ll do snapping, keyboard input and constrain axis

(Darcvizer) #64

Great update to v0.8

The code is made from scratch.
Fixed removal of geometry.
Fixed work with modifiers.

Added offset along the selection normals. Earlier the mouse had to move left or right.

Bandages have been made. They transmit the distance from the nearest point of the object to your goal. I will rewrite further, this is a temporary solution.

Added to the water from the keyboard. You can enter the required value yourself. Supports the arithmetic expressions [+, -, *, /]

Added a status bar, where you can see the length of the offset.

There is no automatic bavel update anymore. If you need to update it, press the spacebar

For snap enable press the ctrl
For bavel update press the spacebar


Thanks mifth and dairin0d



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(Michael Knubben) #65

The download says 0.3, but in your post you refer to version 0.8. Is it simply not ready for download yet?

(Darcvizer) #66

It’s some kind of mistake. I tried to download it myself, there lies V0.8

(matali) #67

I also get v0.3 with the link.

(Darcvizer) #68

Please try this


Breifly checked it out and it’s a large improvement from version 5. Great stuff. :slight_smile:

(Darcvizer) #70

Forgot to write. Snap enable press ctrl

(Jakro) #71

@darcvizer This is a really awesome addon, I’ve done some testing of it and it seems really powerful. I do have a couple of issues though, when you first start the extrude the face jumps really far away. It would also be nice if destructive extrude would just do a normal extrude when an edge or vert is selected. That way your addon can be mapped to ‘e’, replacing the standard extrude. I really like the ctrl snapping though, that’s a great idea! :smiley:

(Darcvizer) #72

Jakro This beta version, I have 2 more digits in stock:)

(Jakro) #73

@Darcvizer Awesome, can’t wait. Looking forward to an upgraded extrude :eyebrowlift:

(Darcvizer) #74

11.05.2017 Fix a mouse jump

(jachtarfranko) #75

works well, very very well :slight_smile:

(Darcvizer) #76

Guys, does not anyone have no mistakes, I at least found 1 associated with the openable edges
Please let me know if you have problems with this addon

(veti) #77

Great addon - it works really well. One question though - is there a option (or will be) to extrude not along normal (like X,Y,Z axis constraint)?

(Darcvizer) #78

It’s will be in v0.9

(burnin) #79

I too have a question. Mainly about the possibility:
If an arbitrary area of faces is selected, could it possible to extrude those faces as individuals with a random value (of course randomization in the range of the translation/movement)?

(Darcvizer) #80

burnin Please Give an example where it might be needed