Destructive Extrude [BETA]

(obsurveyor) #81

Is it possible to add an option to switch between the normal(way it works now) and global axes when extruding? I like this extrude a lot, let’s me do some of the stuff that SketchUp does.

(Darcvizer) #82

Constrain axis will be added v0.9

(NinthJake) #83

This was an insta-buy for me since this is how I want Blender’s default extrusion to work. Great job :slight_smile:

(Darcvizer) #84

Thank you. I want to warn that in this version there is a problem with mouse event. I don’t know how to solve it…

(obsurveyor) #85

Hey Darcvizer you still working on this? Love to see that constrained axis functionality.

(Darcvizer) #86

Hi. Last 3 months I had a lot of work and I temporarily stopped working on the script. Honestly, I do not know when I can return to it.

(ArasTM) #87

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the addon :))

(Darcvizer) #88

I fixed 2 bugs.

1.The first is related to the scale of the object. (if the object had a large scale, the value of extrude was not changed)
2.Not work snapping in union mode.

Demo in .gif

Download v0.89


I downloaded the newest version but upon trying to use destructive extrude it instantly cancels itself and gives me an error.

(masterxeon1001) #90

error as well.

(Darcvizer) #91

There was a simple typo. I’m sorry. Fixed.
Please download.

(English is not my native language) #92

I have no idea about coding, but I suspect that achieve what this addon does should not be easy at all. Thank you for this.

Here in this example when you make destructive extrusion X+ on the selected face, weird things happen:

I’m not sure if this is an expected result.

(Fatesailor) #93

Happy to see that the development of this so useful add-on has not been abandoned! : - )

(Darcvizer) #94

i scale fases to Y axsis and keyword imput 0

How you extrude the center face?

(English is not my native language) #95

I just meant to when you apply Destructive Extrude in the direction where there is a void/empty space, at the moment where the entire mesh disappears and only some edges or faces are shown (as happens on the selected face when you open that blend file). I really do not know much about the addon’s behavior. I expected it to “fill” empty spaces until it came across a new face, where it would begin to “destroy” faces again. But if you think that shown in the video is how it should work, that’s fine then.
I will continue doing tests.
Thank you.

By the way, how do you capture those gif animations from blender? This would be useful for me to show future problems.

(Darcvizer) #96

This is the problem of the carve method in the Boolean modifier. I wrote to the developers about this. But I was told that the library on which the Carve method is based is not supported by them.

For screenshot and screencast i use “ShareX”

(English is not my native language) #97

Oh, okay. No problem.

About GIF animation, I do not know why I was looking at an alternative within/inside blender.
I have found “Peek” for Linux, fast and simple.

Thank you.

Okay. Here is this problem with this unexpected vertex:

(Darcvizer) #98

please try chenge 166 line , wiht distance = -0.000002 to distance = -0.0002

(English is not my native language) #99

A little worse:

just in case I clarify that I am using blender 2.79 from buildbot builds.

(Darcvizer) #100

Please send me the object after one extrude. I will choose the optimal value.
I can not reproduce this effect in any way.