Desync issue with video 10 minutes behind audio

Hello, I’m having a desync issue with my video of 30000 frames. Video is about 10 minutes behind, but the original video is 25fps and Blender is also at 25fps?

Hmm, this is still a problem. I have converted the camera HI8 video to .avi multiple times now with VLC (has a loud buzz and is another issue I’m researching) and Cheese (has no audio and no option to set the audio capture).
The video.avi plays nicely, but in Blender, the video is a good 10 minutes behind the correct audio timing.
I also notice the Blender audio strip is 33740 and the video strip is 33739.

Use handbreak to convert the video over to .avi ((I’ve had the best luck with it)) And on your render settings panel make sure that your playback matches the frame rate.
With audacity you might be able to clean up the noise, pull it out with format factory to a .wave format ((It burns hard drive space but there is reasons for it)) and reexport it from audicity as a .wave and then in blender replace the other audio file.