Detach Armature from Mesh

I apologize if this is the wrong board.

This is probably something very obvious that I’m missing… but… how do you unattach an armature from a mesh? I’m trying to add some bones into the armature, but it doesn’t move right now.

Example, when I move the bones on one side in pose mode the mesh on the other side moves. I don’t want this. So I was going to unattach/unparent it, add in the bones I want, and then reattach/reparent.

how do you unattach an armature from a mesh?

A mesh from an armature to be precise.
Alt + P on your mesh.

if you remove parent link then i think you’ll have to redo all the vertex group

you better keep it as is and change your vertex weight or group !

looks at CGcookie " Alien" tut for a better idea on this subject

good luck

happy 2.5

Whatever you’ll chose to do: make changes on a COPY of this actual file!
Just in case…

Heh. Thanks guys, though I actually figured out another way shortly after posting this. xD

I just had to reparent everything after adding what I needed to the skeleton, and walah.