detail bump map+ high polygon baking?

It seems the detail normal map baking not work with object 2 object tangent baking.
When i assigned a black-white bump texture to the low uv mapped mesh and just baking the low polygon without high polygon selected it works, but when the high polygon selected too, the black-white bump not adding to the high polygon baking results. This feature missing or im miss something?

I haven’t used baking that much, but what I think it is is that the bump map is just not strong enough to make a difference on the high-poly object. Or it could be that your bump-map texture isn’t applied to the high-poly object, because you forgot to put it on it.

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Bump map is needed for real displacement in many rendering systems.

We want bump map baking!!! :smiley:

i think it was in the tracker with the nmap baking, but I am not sure. It wasn’t commited, but should be trivial with the code already in.

There is a build with this feature:

About halfway down the page.

@hunter551 if you mean about Wizard post it is a different thing that i was talking about.

Ok i try make this thing to be clear.

1.i make a cube mesh and create an uv than assigned a marble texture and
make a simple tangent baking. it works fine.

the result is:

2.and than make a copy with cube mesh and subdivided with multires and sculpted
and deleted all materials (only from high poly cube) so this way not have any texture assigned. Select the high polygon and than the low polygon cube and baking.
The assigned textures not take effect that i assigned to the low cube mesh.

the result:

  1. only if i have assigned the high polygon to a bump map and baking with low polygon
    the bump result is added at the baking result.

this would be good if i can baking bump map based on low polygon uv set because
commonly have different mesh topology between low and high poly and the uv set not match with each other.

Trick: Open two nmaps in your favourite paint program, drop one of them over the other as a layer in overlay blending mode and halve its blue channel (set blue channel output levels to 0-127). Flatten, have fun. A normalization might be needed (nVidia’s nmap plugin, and the Gimp normalmap plugin are able to do that.)

no, no, no, thats displacement mapping…! :smiley:
not bump mapping… bump mapping is for teh weak. :wink: (ok, ok, it still has its uses… :))

It looks like you are not applying the hires bump image to the low poly cube properly. Or, the Nor slider is set too low for you to see anything. Use the texture channels and images as described in

Kill the marble texture, and instead use the image texture.

Most renderman shaders use bump map for displacement.
I haven’t found any tangent space normal map displacement shader for renderman yet.

hi-res to low res tangent space normal map baking works now :wink:

  • thanks to brecht!

@poison: Thanks for help! :wink: