Detail room

Hey all I started on modeling my own room. Its gonna be a hell of a job but its gonna be fun! well i dont have any pics of my room yet to show how it looks like so you can give comments and crits so hold on! The sizes of everything should be correct cause im modeling it on a scale. My aim is to make this one very detailed and exactly the same as my room in Real life.

Here is what I have right now:

Latest update (overall image)






Its looking good.
I will check it out later again, would like to see it with textures
and without ao or with higher setting of ao.

can i buy your over head cupboards? or your bed? or door?

Funny! i have exactly the same whiteboard on my wall…(ikea) :smiley:

Good work!

It looks good, but very grainy. Your room looks like a jail cell. I know this is a test render to see your progress. Is this Blender’s Rendering Engine or Yafray at a very low setting?

If using YafRay try these settings…

-Start with Yafray DEfault settings
-XML = off

-Go to world color and make sure that it is WHITE, not that dark blue default color.

how do you give it that grainy effect?:slight_smile: