Detailed advanced Blender coding tutorial?

Is anyone here aware of any detailed+long Blender coding tutorials or walkthroughs?

I don’t code at anywhere near that level, but I would really watch someone explaining as they go through and explain the code of an advanced script (of any type really, although a script affecting simulations would be really interesting to watch!). I have seen a number of “intro to coding” videos, and some longer ones from the past that are mostly for BGE and lots of little scripts. I am just really interested in observing how a script manipulates much more complex and mathematical data.



Count me in.

Then follow the whole series from episode [6] up

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Thank you!

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Once you’re done, come and help us develop POV- Converter :wink:

In four years, I have yet to see anything advanced explained in tutorials.

I made a repository with files and notes from the “Scripting for artists” series. You can find it at