Detailed advanced Blender coding tutorial?

Is anyone here aware of any detailed+long Blender coding tutorials or walkthroughs?

I don’t code at anywhere near that level, but I would really watch someone explaining as they go through and explain the code of an advanced script (of any type really, although a script affecting simulations would be really interesting to watch!). I have seen a number of “intro to coding” videos, and some longer ones from the past that are mostly for BGE and lots of little scripts. I am just really interested in observing how a script manipulates much more complex and mathematical data.



Count me in.

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Then follow the whole series from episode [6] up


Thank you!

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Once you’re done, come and help us develop POV- Converter :wink:

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In four years, I have yet to see anything advanced explained in tutorials.

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I made a repository with files and notes from the “Scripting for artists” series. You can find it at


People like you are why this community is something else… I wish I had anything to give back, but at the very least, once I get some better employment here soon, I’d like to get my Blender Cloud sub and support them directly.

(Also, meaningless commentary… but on the topic of giving back and/or in-depth tuts and/or simulation/coding, etc… now, simply because autodesk is a semi-shitty monolithic near monopoly with questionable business practices and a thinly veiled disdain for most of their users, I personally would’ve supported someone decompiling or stealing+distributing the source code for their programs… BUT, re-reading this thread made me remember my hope that when autodesk killed SoftImage, that they would either give the developers public a first-choice to purchase and develop it, ideally as open-source as per how Blender was openes… FAT chance, considering how great softImage was in many ways, and while no business wants to birth their competition, autodesk is particularly cruel and ruthless…

which… then made me hope… hope that some idealistic developer or a laid-off developer or a slighted developer who had invested their soul in a program autodesk murdered… hope that one of these would release the source code.

or, that since autodesk was no longer selling it, perhaps some grayhat hacker might have wanted to decompile what they could (which would sadly be an incomprehensible mess… so maybe I’d prefer they HaCk iN and steal the source code)…

I know I don’t understand coding and application design at that level… and I know that the fundamental differences in Blender and softImage would prevent a direct application of code from one to the other…

… but due to the nature of 3D and math and simulations and the whole she-bang… imagine some of the pieces that could have been lifted from softimage.

obviously, it couldn’t go into any official branch due to legal liability. but absolutely some 3rd party team could have worked on directly lifting things from softimage (i.e. ICE) and just getting it working in the most literal (and obviously legally suspect) way… but once pieces were made to work in some 3rd-3rd-distant-unaffiliated-with-blender-3rd-party-build… people could the collate, condense, streamline, redesign, etc etc until all the functionality was preserved, but the direct theft from the softimage codebase and any obvious copies would be eliminated… thus opening up some of that advanced functionality to actually go into main.

anyway… this was a definite rant and a half. i still wish it would/could happen. a guy can dream though, i guess)

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So… did you finally get to “know kung-fu”?
I like all of the software you mentionned for different reasons. The good thing of Blender is that it gives you that ability to pick whatever you want in complete freedom, and you can even rant at blender too ! but just with more love… ^^ So the idealists bunch you’re searching for, do exist, in many open source communities, not only Blender, but it surely is a proof achievement. Softimage has been one of the main inspirations in later year’s Blender’s modernization. Blender is the most natural migration path available for former Softimage users with very close workflow in python scripting, rigging addons, node materials, and now geometry nodes. Stability and respect of legacy was at one point just as strong in Blender development, even though it does not currently seems on on par, that was a necessary evil to be able to really level up the tools. and it will come back much quicker than in commercial competition because of the massive amount of users and enthusiasts like you !

Unfortunately not yet! I had some GIS catch up stuff I had to do on and off among the other weirdness of the last year and a half lol. But now I finally am getting time to get back into this and just came back here to pull up the series again to go through more closely, and got a couple other training tools, so I’m pretty excited to sit down and work through it.

What did you mean POV-converter? Like, point-of-view? Persistence of Vision as in POV-ray? I’d like to see what you’re referencing. I learn considerably better when there is a project or objective involved, so maybe there’s something cool to look at there!

Hello, I meant the Blender to Persistence of Vision exporter / importer, Though intimidatingly obscure POV is awesomely well documented and its dusty reputation is misinformed, as modernization and developements are steady on github. POVers are a welcoming community, and though itself following a very slow pace, the Blender addon is seeking co-developers, beginners welcome. The following page tries to guide them through the code base (let me know if anything is not explained clearly enough) :