Detailed Explanation of the Node System

Hello folks. I’m really trying to understand Blenders current implementation of node-based compositing and materials. What I really need is an information breakdown of each of these new features. I need to know how these features relate to each other in a workflow and Blenders material system, etc.

I could ask for node recipes of formula layouts, but it’s better if I know what I’m doing. If I’m told how to create fresnel effects, etc. that would work. But I wouldn’t completely get the process unless I understood everything that’s involved. I have used complex 3d material editing features that are beyond Blenders old setup. Now that Blender has enhanced node-based materials and compositing it’s time to use them.

If you worked with nodes on the Elephant Dreams project can you share your node workflow? :smiley:

If any of you are Maya user, etc. and see any correlations to Blenders node editing in creating a common material please share.

I really wouldn’t mind playing with your node recipe .blends if you have them. I’m sure others wouldn’t mind either. We could use these to further our understanding of nodes in Blender.

I can already see that with the new node system I could cut back on the AO and raytracing. Nodes let me focus on the material details for each object. I can also control how each scene object receives lighting better with nodes. But I have to lock down a process before I can add nodes to the main workflows. Thanks for your links, help and tips.

There is some basic info about Blenders new node system here-

A deeper explanation of the nodes-

I found a good resource for the new node-based materials, etc. on the Blender Wiki.

I may have to dig up my old 3d sofware reference books for some of this to refresh my workflow. Most 3d apps have shader tree network setups and material node setups. I never used materials in this manner in Blender. From what I have worked out so far I see that Blenders new system is similar in some ways to other 3d apps. I imagine that Ton and the foundation will address this in more detail later on. The nodes are a cvs thing for now and are ever changing.:slight_smile:

Really, I can’t wait to play with the node system, now if only the 2.42 release will get here soon so I can have a nice stable version with nodes, this ought to be one of the longest times it’s ever been in B-con 2.

Of course I was aware of those links before.