Detailed NES Console - WIP

Hey Blenderheads :slight_smile:

So I didn’t actually create a thread for this back when I started this project, but I thought maybe now would be the time…

so a bit of backstory : back in June, E3 2010 was held in Los Angeles, right? during their press conference (which I watched live on the Nintendo E3 site) they finally announced the new installment of The Legend of Zelda : The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

so to celebrate, I decided to make the very first Zelda, to kinda show how the series has evolved. so, naturally, I went ahead and decided to make the entire Nintendo Entertainment System, aka the NES, aka the Famicom in Japan. so here we are almost exactly 2 months of on-and-off work later :

WIP Screenshot 1

WIP Screenshot 2

WIP Screenshot 3

WIP Screenshot 4.1

WIP Screenshot 4.2

WIP Screenshot 5

also, I have 3 short “video tours” of progress on the project, both on Vimeo and YouTube.

Vimeo, Video 1
Vimeo, Video 2
Vimeo, Video 3

YouTube, Part 1 plus playlist :smiley:

Comments and suggestions are totally welcome, as always :smiley:

edit Nov21 - changed the thread’s name to “Detailed NES Console”

Very Cool Mate, just like the gyus on DA said, this is going to be EPIC.


a bit of a picture-less progress update - the SubSurf has been added to the Cartridge! yay! it looks real too, if I say so myself :wink:

I had actually started to Subsurf the actual Console, but I got quickly confused, and some topology issues popped up, I think I might have to rework the structure to get the screw-holes in the same object and part of the same mesh - I therefore deleted the subsurf and all EdgeLoops I had added in, and I’ll start over once I fix everything…sigh and I thought I was so close to finishing the mesh for this darn thing… :frowning:


Nice detailed model :slight_smile: Any chance of seeing a clay render of your progress so far?

thanks Robo3Dguy :smiley:

um…what’s a clay render? :slight_smile: I’ve seen the term several times, but I have no idea what it is…

A clay render is a render with just a plain gray render and AO(optional) so it looks like its made of clay but you get an idea of what the rendered model will look like.

BTW it looks awesome, just like mine! :slight_smile:

Be sure to make the cartridge gold for the special edition :wink: I have it if you need reference.

ah, thanks afalldorf :smiley: I’ll definitely try it out, I’m curious…thanks for the comment too :slight_smile:

as for the gold cartridge, I do have reference, I have a scan (?) of the gold Zelda 1 cartridge that I found on Google (i don’t have the actual cartridge yet, though I plan to) I already have a material more-or-less set up, it’s sitting in my WIP material library :smiley: I’d been planning to do the gold version from the start, it’s just something that has to be there - like the Majora’s Mask gold cartridge, with the kind-of hologram on the front - the Zelda discs and cartridges have always been kinda special compared to the others…



I’m setting up a render-turntable of the Cartridge, since it’s finished. it’ll be a clay render, and then clay + wires :smiley: it might take a while to edit the entire thing together (I’m going to be using Blender’s Video Editor for the first time), but hopefully it won’t take too long.

I’ll come and either edit the post or post a new one when the vids are online :smiley:

triple :smiley:


Right now there’s just the YouTube version ready, the Vimeo is still queued for conversion.

…I think it’s a bit too fast. It’s my first-ever turntable render, so there’s still a few things I have to work out.

comments are totally welcome, as always :smiley:

Really some nice work :slight_smile:

I’m curious how this is coming along, I’ve been looking forward to seeing how you finish this up!

well, I do have a small update :smiley: I’ve finished the modelling for all the NES components! I’ll go take a screenshot and upload it, I’d forgotten to :o I’d say I’m about half-way through the project…

…haven’t worked on it much recently, though :frowning: hmm…I’ll try and do a bit of work on it later :smiley: I have to create a TV set, and a scene, and then textures, lighting, etc…hmm

double-post :stuck_out_tongue: haha

here’s the picture:

…still a long way to go though :o

nice plug stuff :slight_smile:

Excellent details. It’s going to look spectacular once the textures go on!

thanks you two :smiley:

@Quandtum - well, I hope so… this project really is the culmination of everything I’ve learned over the past 2 years, plus I’ve learned a few new things in the process…

first update in over a month! :stuck_out_tongue:

haven’t actually made as much progress since then, but I’ve made a quick video in which I go over the project as a whole as well as the small progress I’ve made in the last few days (UV maps for the controller). as always, it’s in 720p HD

this video-inserting is awesome :smiley:

wow, im feel old after watching your models. well done and nice work. your turntable is a llitle fast, if you adjust the timing could be better.

Fabulous update, coming together nicely!

@speaker_mute - yeah, I noticed that when I rendered the final video…I’d have to re-render the passes, but thankfully now I know how to change the Curve-Animation value (usually the Camera goes along the path in 100 frames, and the way I set it up was kinda fast :o haha)

thanks to both of you! :smiley: