Detailed painted wall texture

OK…so I have these walls that needs to be painted, because obviously, leaving walls untextured would be like walls made of plastic.
Because no wall is perfect, even after painting, I want to put tiny bumps on it using normal maps, but when I unwrap it and slap the texture on the wall, there’s no difference between “naked” wall and textured.
-Normal map is checked in Image sampling panel, coordinates are set to UV, normals are also checked in geometry and set even to 3, UV mesh is set to some optimal (read: visible dents) value…and still I can’t see anything in the final rendering.
Just to be sure you know what am I trying to accomplish here, HERE is the wall texture I am trying to get.
So, is there a way of combining textures using nodes or something else that would help me get desired effect?


Here is the image applied as a bump map. Move the lamp to see the effect.
You need to be in Textured GLSL view mode to see the effect in the 3d view
Make sure you haven’t select ‘Normal Map’ in the texture / image sampling panel as the texture it isn’t a normal map.


bump.blend (1.45 MB)

Thanx for the effort of making that file to show me, I understand that but for some reason my GLSL view mode doesn’t work in 3d view. I have Ge Force 9600G graphic card and still it shows normal maps in color. I think that my graphics supports GLSL… Anyway, it renders fine with normal maps applied in final render. There must have been problem with scaling, which means, everything’s fine now. Thanx again :smiley: