Detailed scene crashes Yafray render

I’m trying to render out one frame for a static shot, and if I use even the basic settings for Yafray, the whole thing crashes while loading some of the objects. I have so far attempted this on a 2.4ghz PC/WIN XP/1GBRAM AND a G5/Panther/2GB Ram with similar results.

The scene consists of two vehichles, hilly landside, tree, etc…

I watched in the PC’s DOS window and the Mac’s CONSOLE to see if it happens at a specific point, but so far it doesn’t crash on any specific object, just after it has loaded a handful of them. In Windows, I get a runtime error, and in Panther it informs me that the application crashed (cant recall at the moment what it said in the CONSOLE).

I also tried converting all of the subsurfs over to actual meshes, which got me a lot further (as in the number of objects it would load) but it still crashes while during the LOADER segment of the render (plus making the blend file over 300 megs in the process).

I have no problem rendering using Yafray on simpler scenes and objects using the same settings, just this particular scene is making it choke.

Any suggestions? Anything to look out for?


Are you using xml export? The xml file can easily get very large. Does the same happen with the plugin method?
Yafray might have some trouble with very large scenes and/or very high poly models, not really tested, or at least I am not sure how well it handles those situations, others might have more experience with that.

Yes, the XML button is off. The way I’m accessing Yafray is by selecting Yafray from the drop down menu on the Render menu.

Because of the methods used in the export, the export (and yafray) can actually use more memory than Blender for the same scene.
btw, what do you mean by “making the blend file over 300 megs in the process”? I’m not sure what you mean by that, yafray can’t make your blendfile larger, unless there really is something very wrong.
Also, to test if any of the objects themselves are causing the problem, have you tried if you can render the objects one by one?

Oops, to clarify, when I converted all of the meshes to subsurfs it got me a bit further but increased my model to over 300 megs.

Yes, I’ve tried rendering out separate models, and generally that is successfull. It’s when I combine them that everything starts to crash over a period of time.

There is, however, a rather meaty model that when all of the elements of rendered together it tends to choke sometimes on that model. What are my alternatives? Is there any renderers that handle complex models? I lookde at compatible Renderman apps and Povray, but I cant find any current export scripts that work with 2.34 it seems.

I’m not sure how other exporters handle will handle this, but as far as I know, POVanim by jms is always in active devlopment, so I would be surprised if that doesn’t work in 2.34, has been a long time since I tried, check the python forum.
Then as for renderman, I think there is a version of blenderman which does work in 2.34 too, again check the python forum for that. One advantage over other renderers is that renderman can handle subsurf models directly, you don’t have to export the subsurf model from Blender, but can export the base mesh instead.
Actually, there is a POVray patch which supports subsurf meshes as well, I think POVanim supports that too.

Do one thing, Before launching blender load up an system monitor which showes up the memory usage. After that start blender and render that file and check the memory I am sure that blender-Yafray will outgrow this very soon.

I was going to post specs of yafray memory usage my self till I saw you post.

BTW I think the render grows beyond the combi limit of RAM and virtual memory. Try increasing virtual memory to 2-3 GB and it will render it. If there is no other probs that it. :slight_smile:

I am currently working on a very complex design my self and had faced this problem.

There could be another work around. Like deleting those parts of mesh which will not come directly in the view. Probably optimizing your mesh to much lower resolutions.

Unfortunately we do not have much choice when it comes to raytracers right now which work out of the box. I also have tried aqsis, but it dosn’t work. I think this problem will remain very much unless you care to take it head on as I suggested above.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS increasing Virtual mem size from measly 256 to 1.5Gb worked for me. As Yafray took more than double the size in same size render of blender internal. So you can check out the mem cost by rendering blender’s internal raytracer first.

ah check your images as well! when yafray crashed for me i always had an issue with images files!


a simple workaround would be to split your scene into renderable chunks and then use compositing for the final shot. of course, this depends on how much object affect each other (especially reflection, refraction and stuff), just a hint.


I just started playing with Yafray today to experiment. I shortly encountered the problem you are describing. I tried playing with the quality and photon settings, but it still would crash during render. Finally after I deleted the spotlights it started rendering again. I tried re-creating the spotlights but it crashed again. Don’t know why this happens.