DETAILS - 5 Minute Live-Action Film with Blender 3D CGI

Hey all!

I’ve just finished my first year at film school and for my final project I had to make a 5 minute video with no sync sound (music and voiceover were allowed). I decided to learn how to better composite live action footage with Blender 3D effects.

You can watch it here:



Miranda finds herself the captive of an organization that insists that she had volunteered to be the subject of a dangerous experiment. But Miranda can’t remember volunteering or anything else at all about her life on the outside.

I’m posting this to get critiques and suggestions on where to improve and what to do differently on the next video. Let me know what you think!

Well done! I liked the story, and how ambiguous it was. The effects was very distinctive, though, but I think you nailed the style, it was very consistent and that’s important. IMO, it’s better to have a overall decent quality than having extreme contrast between works that had got more work, and some that were overlooked.

Thanks Artorp!