(AN][ARES) #1

hey guys i need some help…

i made a starfighter mainly inspired by the “starfury” of babylon 5 and some other science fiction films.

fly mode

ground-defense mode

what details should i add to this model what do u think?
all details u can see on this model are really meshes with just different colors on it and one main textures generated with blender (the grey).

i wanted to make something, that doesnt need spezial (stolen) textures, to look realistic. 8)

i didnt do the cockpit interior so far…
thats why i had to use blue glass instead :frowning:

(BgDM) #2

Well first off let me start by saying that this is one very impressive model! Very well done. Is this thing rigged to be moved into grounf attack mode and than back to flight mode? Cause if so, you gotta do an animation of it transforming!!

As far as what to add, just make your own texture in GIMP or PhotoShop to get more marks/blaster shots/bangs etc. into the hull. You could use that as a bump map as well to make them look more real. Other than that, this thing rocks!!


(pofo) #3

I like to add lots of pointless pieces of chromed pipe and little steering engines and such for detail.

Don’t know if it would look good on your model though.

  1. pofo

(basse) #4

the places where you have single halos of red light, maybe you should try to add red point lamp with small sphere boundaries … just to add some more nice mood lighting?

just a thought…