Detect and delete empty meshes?

I have a model with a fair number of components in it. I had to quickly chop away a bunch of vertices so I selected every mesh, went to edit mode, selected half the model, and hit delete. That worked perfectly.

My rendering software is working, but throwing warnings about empty meshes. It is filling up my render logs a bit so I was wondering whether there was a way (addon, script, or even manually) of identifying empty meshes and deleting them - any way other than actually opening each of the 500+ objects and seeing if there are any vertices in it.


replying to myself because I just thought of the obvious answer:

Box select the objects in the 3D view in wireframe view, invert the selection, and delete…

Can’t believe it took me so long to figure that one out.

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Well, to me at least, it isn’t intuitively obvious what “invert the selection” would actually do in that case – that it would do the job. Good discovery. Thanks for sharing.