Detect game closing

Hi there :slight_smile:

I just thought about sharing the way I’m detecting the game closing, and executing code before leaving the BGE.

Its useful if you have stuff to save before closing the game, for instance.

The idea is to watch a “canary” object, and trigger a list of callbacks that you would want to run on game quit.

(I’m not avoiding buffer overflows, but I’m montoring the state of a “canary object”, so it relates a bit !)

Example file:
BGE_Canary.blend (469 KB)

The “” file:

from weakref import finalize
from bge import logic
import time

# The function is just there to provide an entry point
def init(controller): return


# This is the dispatcher function
def quitEvent():
    for callback in ON_QUIT_CALLBACKS:
# This is the function decorator
def onQuit(callback):
    ''' Usage:
    >>> import quit
    >>> @quit.onQuit
    ... def myCallback():
    ...     # do stuff
    return callback

# The canary will be garbage collected
class Canary(object): pass
logic.canary = Canary()
finalize(logic.canary, quitEvent)

Just use “” functions to register your own functions, like so:

import quit

def myFunction():
    # ...

Easy peasy.

I’m using this method with BGEz, and I don’t know if many people knew about that little trick.

Have fun !