Detect When All frames are rendered?

Is there a way for me to detect if all frames (pngs) are completely rendered? I am running multiple jobs at once and I am looking to detect when all png files have completed.

One way would be to setup a handler for the render_complete event. Put a counter in the event. When the counter equals the last frame then you are done and can issue and email or whatever needs to happen at that point.

So something like this would work? I guess i am unclear how I insert a counter into the python run.

import bpy

def my_handler(scene):
print(“Render Complete”, scene.frame_current)

Ok the problem is that I have multiple builds running the same animation-- so how do the others check to see if those files have completed?

logically, when all instances finsihed. Technically, it’s a bit more complicated as there’s no direct way to find this out / communicate between instances. So maybe let every instance create a file with unique name and check every minute if all of these files exist?

yeah I guess that is the only solution without a master slave render system.