Detecting events occuring within blender3d

I’d like to know if the scripting language is capable of detecting blender events such as advancing to the next frame. I am in need of something to emulate a vertex weight ipo in a python script. It would be neccessary if the script could check if the current frame has changed, and if so, interpolate correctly between two vertex weights. Via, a function that would be triggered by an event. This would negate the need to render each frame individually and would save time when it comes to rendering a sceene.

I thank you for any constructive comments.

search for “script links” in the docs

[that is all]

Found something relating to the Blender.event variable.
it contains a string value or an integer possibly containing the string “FrameChanged”.

This is good. However, now I am curious as to how I can detect that the Blender.Event variable without polling. Is there any way the event could trigger one of my custom functions without the use of an infinite polling loop?

My background in programming is in Visual Basic 6 and some java, which pertains to the object oriented event driven nature I have.

Script links dont poll on frame change scripts only run when the frames changed- as long as you only use them in that way- you can make sure there only ever run on a frame change