Detection collision

Hi I have a problem because I can not find material on collision detection methods in the software Blender. I have to complete the animation in which the ball which is a liquid drop on a plane something like drop impact. The problem is that the liquid is not realistic to keep. thanks you in advance for your help .

This really belongs in the Support>Particles and Physics Simulations subforum. Look through the forum to find the appropriate place before posting. You’re also going to need to give more details about the problem you’re having. It’s best to share a .blend file. See this thread for advice on how to get help effectively around here.

You say you can’t find material on how to do a liquid drop in Blender. Have you not read the documentation on fluid simulation? What you’re describing sounds quite simple. You need a domain cube, a mesh set as a fluid object (for a drop, probably a uv sphere or icosphere, but it depends on the specifics of what you’re trying to do exactly), and the plane you’ve already mentioned, which should be set as a Collision object in the physics tab. Then just bake the fluid simulation on the domain cube. Here’s a quick demo file of the basics: BasicFluidDrop.blend (462 KB)