Detective Conan : Manga

Hi , Just was watching the series today ,
The Wires

reference , …

working on the sunglasses … no yet completed .
i think his face needs to be wider , right ?

i don’t know how to make the eyebrows in the reference he looks angry or seomthing …

please give me criticism so i improve , thanks a million .

what do you think of the wires ?

forgot to post the newer one …

a small update …

I like the eyes! Look forward to more updates!

really well done with the eyes…this model is gonna look good

some amendments
bigger eyes
fixed eyebrows
profile fix
skull fix
sunglasses improvement

I think it looks pretty dang good thus far. I really like they way you did the eyes, gives it more of the cartoon feel.

this was my favorite show

are you just making a model are are you animating him ???

you need a node material to make it toon like.

I hate manga/anime but this model is actually good keep it up

well good.
i also like watching this program.
really cool storyline and spy gadgets.

someone gave me a crit :

working on it …
but i think my version is nicer ! hehe .

i know he needs some corrections … :smiley:

working on him … the skin shader is only a test .

well a good test though
u can also use nodes & materials to get that flattened anime style look.

happy blending

new result …

any comments .

I think is great
But I would make the face more slender
making the chin and the inferior part of the face sharpen

ml : thanks … i will see .

wow pretty cool :smiley:
but i think the face look now a bit too thick … a bit smaller would be perfect ^^