Detergent (Joining the Blender and BA community, yay!)

Hey blender people,

nothing exciting here, except that I finally I am looking seriously into blender and want to make it my primary 3d tool.
I am working with max and doing some unity work as well at my day job but I am feeling drawn to blender.

This was a small project I started to learn the basics of blender’s modeling and rendering tools. So far I am very happy with how versatile blender is. I was able to recreate most of my max workflow with the basic blender tools (no addons).

This render can use some more love but it already served it’s purpose. I’ll post my next slightly bigger project in the wip section and I’ll be asking a lot of questions there.

In a nutshell, I’m just saying “Hi” here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. And great shaders and render, by the way. :slight_smile:

Very nice,the shape,lighting and shaders are spot on.

Can you post a wireframe?

Very slick. Im quite new to blender as well… Check out scorpions build from the thread posted in these forums. Its still Blender but with hundreds of addons installed to give it more versatility, also i found its significantly faster in rendering in cycles… Also make sure to checkout Luxrender engine (its still slightly buggy in my opinion but massively accurate and powerful).
Don’t forget to checkout the themes in the 'user preferences section, there is a 3DS max theme)

Welcome Toshiro, to the BA Community. As reynante said, great render. I can’t make anything that sharp looking in a short time sadly. My computer hates high resolution and sharp renders. Again welcome and great render. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

reynante - cheers! By the way, looking at your profile picture I am pretty sure we met a few years ago at Siggraph in Hong Kong as SVs (my real name is Todor)! If that’s you then, wow, small world!

Thanks. Sure, I’m posting a wireframe … not the cleanest mesh but :slight_smile:
As for shaders and rendering I find those fairly intuitive in Cycles (after learning the basics of nodes). Still a lot to learn of course.

sono2000 - thanks, I’m making a note and I’ll check those out in time. I’m trying to stay away from too much addons at the time, as you can get stuck and spend a lifetime just trying out cool features lol

gmmonllor - thanks!

Oh I have a quick question.
I noticed that colors of the rendered image in Blender are slightly different then when I save the same image to file. Any ideas why that is and if I’m doing something wrong?