Determine distance to control shapes "Solved"


I would like to controll a shape on a value
which is determined from the distance of 2 objects.

I thought I could read out the Bonelength .
A stretch constraint dynamically adjusts in length between the desired markers.
But I can only see/read this length in editmode which of course does not help me.


Then I tried it with the Animation-Node-editor, here I get a binding value,
I still missing the basic knowledge about the Anim- Node-tree, so I don’t know how to read out a driver-specific value.

Anyway, maybe there’s an easier way
to determine the distance between 2 points to control then the shape via a Driver_constraint.
thanks again


Use a Distance Variable on the Driver:

Driver Setup:

Blend File: distance_driver.blend (620.8 KB)

Just move either the Sphere, or the Cube in X axis.

You can do this with AN, but it is more complex and you cannot use Bones in Armatures, unless you use my additional nodes…

Cheers, Clock.


that works great,
thank you very much, did not know that I can select the distance in the driver

this EXAMPLE is how it works wonderfully (done in 2.90)

Works_correction_shapes_by_distance.blend (857 KB)



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