Determining if a vertex is selected

Hi; I am having some difficulty with the python blender API. I see how I can determine whether a face is selected, and how an object is selected, but I cannot seem to find how to figure out how to determine whether a vertex is selected if the script is run while the person is in edit mode (when I query for selected objects, the mesh I am editing shows up as selected; not the individual verticies). Am I doing something wrong, have I overlooked something, or am I trying to do something that is just not possible with the API?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


at least the versions before 2.30 couldn’t

look in the 2.30 python api (now on, but it still may not be possible

Thank you

The API has no access to the EditMesh structure. However, vertices selection state is now stored in the Mesh structure too, so it might be possible to access them in the future (and not only when in edit and not limited to the active mesh).