Detomaso Pantera GT5

Hi fellas!

Wanna show U my latest project. Yep, I know there could be more details here and there and for sure its NOT perfect but I return to Blender after a longer time - especially with a car model (there is my Škoda 130RS somewhere here on BA but that was 2016!)

This is one of the Italian muscle classics and I think one of the cars that stays AWESOME forever cause the design is simply timeless! For now only the 3k front-view (rotate the car later fellas). The photo is used as the street background - starts with those bushes and grass, street trashcans and red-ish paving is 3D model - so there is a problem to make a different shot :wink: .

If U also want some close-ups just let me know but I have to change the surroundings because of that photo as written.

Enjoy and HAPPY BLENDING Bros!

Rear view added as written before…



Different surroundings and flipped headlights… (only 1k and without interior)


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