Posting after a long time, this project was fun and a pain in the butt at the same time!
I wanted to study grungy broken from a long time and this personal project was the perfect opportunity for me.
Textures from and
Feel free to suggest stuff!

for higher res images:



Send the rest of those renders you did for this!

Very interesting idea and very good result, but with noises :eyebrowlift2:

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true, the scene has a lot of noise and I couldn’t render it with like 1000+ samples because of the machine I have right now and couldn’t upload the file on a render farm because its more than 2 gigabytes so yeah. At least you noticed my work :slight_smile: Thank You

Edit: I plan to re-render and maybe make a breakdown video once I have the proper resources but the scene at the stage, I call it done.

Ooooh, I love those renders! :smiley:

Thanks! =)