Detroit Michigan blender user group is forming

There is a creative space forming in Detroit that will be making blender a major part of its educational and support offerings. I will be working with this group to help use blender in Detroit’s awesome revitalization efforts and media production growth. As any of you there in Detroit know, the building situation is a curse and a blessing full of opportunities. Having a base of several groups really helps a movement and blender users have a part in this.

For successfully growing a blender community my recommendation it to also build support for based groups and when there is enough people have someone sponsor the group and pay the $100 to start a blender focused meetup group. The groups below have either done a blender focused Meetup or mentioned blender or are a good type of group in my experience to find blender users. Also any type of maker or builder space group is also good because of blender’s 3D printing capabilities. Of course there’s always Facebook also.

Good luck Detroit! I’ll be seeing you!

Here are some suggested groups to have blender meetings with:

VR group:
Game Devs:
Python group:

And a special mention, there is a Detroit SIGGRAPH chapter and they are almost always blender users or supporters in a local chapter.

For reference here’s an older thread of some peeps regarding aMichigan blender user group.