Detroit Steel (Update 12/14/05 page 2)

Another project I am working on. Good old Detroit steel.

I am planning on rendering an image of the car with a man and a woman either driving or standing by the car.

Wow looking great so far, keep it up.

I don’t get it. What’s detroit steel? An american thingy?

Nice model though…

Ok ok finally, i will ask! How do you model stuff like that???

It looks awesome! but i can never get the model to look that clean! is it vert by vert or splines?

Looks great!


That’s beautiful
same question as previous, could you post pic of wireframe or link to blender file.

Yeah it’s looking great! I like these old cars, even as HotRods!!!

Detroit Steel…I think he means the same like the meaning of “Autostadt” in Germany (Wolfsburg). So with “Detroit Steel” the centre of car-culture in America is meant or?

Ultra X - Thanks.

Litterate - Detroit Steel is a slang term for an American automobile made in the heyday.:wink:

greenlig - Subsurf is your friend. The verts act like bezier handles for the more complex mesh.

kirini - Thanks.

hagbard - I am starting with a stock vehicle, but I may want to create a custom version later. You are right about the title. Are there any Hotrods in Europe?

At the center of the hood you have in the bend two triangles that you could easily eliminate by adding in two new verts along the lower loop, just keep the verts really close together and you will get the same effect. Looking really nice so far, keep it up!! :smiley:

Really impressive imho, very very clean job…

…You know what I think might look neat, is… when you add materials, instead of painting it up like it’s new… paint it up like it’s been weather worn.

Regardless lookin good hope to see updates

very good start
cant wait to see more :wink:

Working on the rear fenders. Thanks for the comments, everyone.


Testing the current car model in a scene I created last year.

Looking good. :slight_smile:

Seems you have just the scene for you car then :smiley:

Very nice work. Keep up the good work. No comments so far.

Right, Thanks! :smiley: When I posted the original scene in finished projects a year ago people commented that it needed cars and more activity. At the time I tried making a car, but I couldn’t seam to get the complex curves right. Learning to model with subsurf has really helped. It is much easier to make smooth curves.

I think I can get away with using one car model in this scene if I change their colors. I am planning to add some other objects to the scene later. I may add the more detailed woman model in the foreground. I want to try night time lighting as well.

Update 12/14/05

very nice, i think the boot join with the body could be smoother, it looks a bit lumpy there.

Yeah, it’s going on!
Your car is gettin’ great. I like the painting.
And I’m very exited to see your HotRod version of this car!!! :):slight_smile:

Yeah, some Hotrodders are in Europe too, but not as many as in the usa!?

Yeah looking real good I almost hate you because you can do so good looking car, but only almost 8)

I’ve been wanting to model a Killinger & freund motorcycle from the late 30’s.
It’s a smooth curvy bike with an almost futuristic design,
but in order to model it I need to be able to model like you I’m afraid.