Deus Ex prop try

Critiques welcome. Original prop attached for comparison. Ultimate goal is to make a ready-game asset for UE5.


To keep track of my progress and how I did get there I’m going to make this thread ongoing and expand on it with the various resources I used and hope others might find them as useful as I did:

Youtube Channels:

Bad normals
Ariah faith-jones
Blender Guru
Wenbo Zhao
Derek Elliott

Software used:

Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Quixel Bridge

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original asset

forty - a goldmine of unicode symbols - fonts for web use

After battling retopo and normal baking (xnormal) these are the eevee and wireframe renders, I haven’t put much love into the beer shader because I’m going to start very simple in unreal, so as a stand-in to see how it looks is good for me. The dream is to become an unreal engine shading wizard very quick, but the reality is that I’m going to sweat bullets just to be able to understand how to repurpose (lol) the half life alyx lookalike booze shader by the great pavel efimov who is a great inspiration. (the ue4 asset) (software I used to bake normals)