[Dev] Bugs that hold you back RELOADED

Hey you BGE enthusiasts!

I may not be the only one with requests for bug-fixes, so I opened this thread for anyone to add some requests of their own. Except let’s only mention those tasks that in your opinion should deserve the highest priority, and let’s keep it at five the most. Also, even if someone else already mentioned a bug that’s in your own top five, be honest and mention it too. This will allow everyone to get a better picture of which bugs are prominent in lowering the potential of the BGE.

As everyone is well-aware that Blender is open source, keep in mind that this thread is no means to force anyone to fix bugs. (So Moguri, since you’re the main developer right now, don’t feel obligated in anyway to address these tasks). However as a side question I would like to ask each one of you how you would feel about writing a letter to the Blender Foundation collectively, to ask for financial support in fixing these bugs.

Don’t forget to link an url to the task description. For example: T18987 alignAxisToVect() Factor Bug

BGE tasks of type ‘Bug’: https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/project/30/type/Bug/
BGE tasks of type ‘Patch’: https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/project/30/type/Patch/

So here’s my top 6 (sorry, couldn’t help it myself :cool:, better ignore the last one)


Not Really a bug so much as a feature - Expose LOD distance calculated per frame by LOD.


@ BluePrintRandom: If you think a new feature would solve a lot of issues then refer to the task in the tracker. Also just saying ‘LibLoad’ is not enough. Please refer to the task in the tracker and clarify (if needed) why this is so important to you. Thanks.

Well, I can’t believe there are just a few who are enthusiastic about this. So, bumping this.

The fact is that most users of BGE are relatively new to game making, and as such, don’t run into these bugs.
The only ones I really care about are the libload ones.

I didn’t expect users to have bug requests when they’re not experienced with the BGE, but there’s more than a handful that are…

Anyway, I made this thread to establish the fact that the BGE still needs bug-fixing. And it’s not LibLoad/LibNew/LibFree alone. For example the 4th bug I mentioned earlier, which is present for more than two years now. It’s not doing the engine any good.

these are for me the most important bugs, because the start game from file logicbrick also has an chance on crashing the engine when loading a blend file.
this so far has been the only gamebreaking bug we have.

Is this ‘Start Game From File’ bug reported yet? Maybe you could give a link to the task description in the tracker?

I haven’t found a report, so I will try to make a .blend file to illustrate the problem.

I found this has a bigger chance of happening when using a previously loaded .blend, for example:
when starting the game you get a menu, after that when you go back to the menu there is a (big)chance that the engine crashes.
this happens a lot in the standalone blenderplayer

That would be great. Thanks.