Dev. of a "simple" Visualisation & Simulation of Radial PotentialVectorFields

Here’s a little summary of what I want to do :

The concept is that a particle’s XYZ is defined by an empty and has a radial vector-field around itselve.
The strength of the field depends on the radius in a user defined way (hopefully editable in Blender’s Graph Editor).
The vizualisation of this field is done in cycles as “glowing-smoke” (for details see summary-doc in attachement).
The interaction of varius point-charges (±,-+, = attraction | --,++ = distraction) with user defined “force-curve” should be done via Python-Script.


Just want to see different configurations (arrangements) of Mono-Shaped-Field-Charges in Equilibrium. :eyebrowlift:

Any hints or ideas which could possibly push this Idea forwards are welcome.
More detailed description and Project overview in the attached .zip :
Visualized Radial (660 Bytes).
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